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i will chose this as my best answer. it will be great if there's an openstack official first page and on it to say: easiest method to install openstack is trying one of these autoinstallers ( name and tutorial) and after you understand how they work you can start installing modules. thanks

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I'm trying to learn OpenStack and of course, first thing first, trying to install this one. And here's where the problems start.

So my question is what is the best method to install OpenStack on a single machine, on just one PC. I want to fully install OpenStack, all it's projects (no Ironic), not all in the same time, just essentials ones first and then, after i will be familiar with this stack to start installing other modules. I was thinking of OpenStack nodes over ESXi, manually installing essential nodes (or if there's another better option, please tell me). This or something like this will be my ideal approach. I can try packstack, devstack or kolla, but i'm still in the beginning on understanding completely how OpenStack works so i'll prefer a more complex solution. I can use a distribution too, but i would like to start learning with official OpenStack.

So i want the BEST possible method, not the easiest one, i really want to learn while testing this (that's why i wan't to manually install projects, not auto-installers). I'm a newbie in this, with previous operations knowledge and others, and i just bought a 8core CPU and 16GB RAM just for learning OpenStack. If it's a must i can use my 4core CPU and 8GB RAM for extra testing. Any suggestion with links to tutorials is welcome.

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