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I ran into exactly same issue. Clean wheezy install fully upgraded. This dude helped much https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1200643

You can download http://archive.gplhost.com/debian/pool/grizzly/main/n/nova/nova-novncproxy_2013.1-2_all.deb dpkg --force-depends-version -i nova-novncproxy_2013.1-2_all.deb

it seems work for me..

by the way, This is not a debian issue. All packages are belong grizzly repo.. Maybe, reported it to grizzly maintainer.

So basically, just run apt-get as documented, but without nova-novncproxy package:

apt-get install -y nova-api nova-cert nova-common nova-conductor \ nova-scheduler python-nova python-novaclient nova-consoleauth novnc

and then install it manually as above.