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Thanks!!. I´ll continue searching. i'm trying to create a one node cloud (for now) but all manuals i've found are old or did not work as expected.

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I'm very new on openstack and i'm trying to create an Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS with openstack. I've used the devstack script to do it but after a reboot only the webpage is working. After a lot of searchs in google i've noticed that all services necessary to work are stopped and after run the programs manually is working fine again. The programs i run are:

  • nova-api
  • cinder-api
  • glance-api

After searching again in google and checking the system i've seen that there is not services installed on the server.

I've tried some commands of the manual but are not working for me. How i can install that services manually?

Thanks!!! and i'm sorry for my english.