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2016-10-05 03:51:31 -0600 asked a question DevStack installation-local.conf files

I want install multinode Openstack(Kilo) with DevStack(Controller, Compute, Neutron). In official website I could not find any proper local.conf file for Controller, Compute, Neutron. So, how to install multinode with DevStack and please provide templet local.conf file.


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2016-09-29 08:45:22 -0600 commented answer RuntimeError: Unable to create a new session key. It is likely that the cache is unavailable / Authorization failed. The request you have made requires authentication. from

Hi, Thanks for the help. I have changed to -l in /etc/memcached.conf

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2016-02-27 07:28:04 -0600 asked a question Mirantis Openstack 7 Installation(ext4-fs (dm-7) mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. opts)

I try to install MirantisOpenStack-7.0.iso in virtual box with scripts. After reboot of successfull installation it was asked for settings like default password, NTP, Network(It was already configured!), I selected "save and Quite". Then after some time it is showing message "ext4-fs (dm-7) mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. opts" continuously.


2016-01-13 06:57:47 -0600 commented answer how to properly pass image argument to glance

I removed the quotes, but it is not working for me. Getting the same error! (Version: Kilo-[10-Jan-2016])

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2015-12-29 04:54:06 -0600 asked a question Packet Drop and Errors in Open-Vswitch

The Below command gives the port statistics like drop, error per port

ovs-ofctl dump-ports br-int

OFPST_PORT reply (xid=0x2): 7 ports
  port LOCAL: rx pkts=0, bytes=0, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=555357, bytes=29866282, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  5: rx pkts=48437828, bytes=1085685529, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=47423567, bytes=168324045, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  1: rx pkts=1149188262, bytes=1067940007509, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=541029895, bytes=1057151065791, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  4: rx pkts=59484910, bytes=3034674736, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=77364293, bytes=2320978598, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  6: rx pkts=38996668, bytes=4063078303, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=31341813, bytes=1036807399, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  2: rx pkts=60200091, bytes=3714792445, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=66625600, bytes=3953710366, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0
  port  3: rx pkts=93346595, bytes=2516933656, drop=0, errs=0, frame=0, over=0, crc=0
           tx pkts=89882467, bytes=2298836596, drop=0, errs=0, coll=0

I tried this command sudo tc qdisc add dev qvo69331db5-96 root netem loss 50% corrupt 50%, But no use.

So, I want simulate the packet Errors, Drop per port. How can simulate?

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2015-12-21 23:53:10 -0600 answered a question how to configure Flexible NetFlow(or Sflow) on OVS) on ovs

Another way to configure sFlow:


ovs-vsctl -- --id=@sflow create sflow agent=${AGENT_IP} \
sampling=${SAMPLING_N} polling=${POLLING_SECS} -- set bridge br-int sflow=@sflow

To remove sFlow use following command:

ovs-vsctl remove bridge <BRIDGE NAME> sflow <sFlow UUID>

To view sFlow configuration:

 ovs-vsctl list sflow

Here is the some sFlow Collectors(GUI): Here

If you want a tool like "nfdump"(Analyzer Tool for Netflow), you can use this:

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2015-12-21 04:38:23 -0600 asked a question Open vswitch Control Plane problems?

Is there any problems we may face with Open vswitch Control Plane. Means, I want to know some metrics for OVS control plane. how, one can diagnose OVS control plane problems in openstack. There is no controller for OVS in openstack so, what problems may arise?

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2015-12-21 00:51:52 -0600 commented question How control plane works for OVS in openstack?

Thanks aksan!

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2015-12-20 10:10:55 -0600 asked a question How control plane works for OVS in openstack?

In SDN, there will be controller(Generally!). So, controller uses the OpenFlow protocol to send the Flows to OVS(Control Plane). Once OVS got the Intelligence, forwards the packets according to that. But in Openstack, there is no controller and how switch got the flows(Control Plane) when VM is launched and plugged to int-br in computer node?

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2015-12-10 02:24:08 -0600 asked a question How VMs will communicate in Openstack(Packet Flow)

Our configuration:

VM Name           Internal IP      Floating IP
MySQL                -
Apache1              -
jmeter               -

Router Gateway "neutron router-list" command)

Server5 - Neutron

Server1 - Controller + Compute

We configured Netflow on "int-br"(OVS) in Server1 and Server5

Now, the dummy request are sending continuously from jmeter( to HaProxy(

What we saw in Netflow(nfdump -r FILE)

On Server1

Bridge's   Source IP   Source  Bridge's  Destination   Destination  Protocol
Ingress                Port    Egress        IP             Port
Port                           Port
4614  39781   4611     80          TCP
4610     80   4611   39781         TCP

On Server5

15371  33675  15362     80         TCP
15371     80  15362  33675         TCP

So, What is the packet flow here? Where the NAT translations are happening?

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2015-10-19 07:51:35 -0600 asked a question how to configure Flexible NetFlow(or Sflow) on OVS) on ovs

How to configure Collector and Exporter to get the Netflow on OVS.

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