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2013-08-28 12:28:48 -0500 asked a question How to create a baremetal virtual machine provisioned by openstack grizzly?

I am a newbie to openstack and currently learning about the the baremetal driver that exists in grizzly version. What I am attempting to do is create a openstack instance, then a bare metal vm, then provision that bare metal vm using openstack. I used vagrant and devstack to create my openstack instance, and my baremetal vm (using the multi-machine option in vagrant). I was wondering if there is a tutorial or if anyone else can guide/advise me on provisioning a virtual machine baremetal node using openstack.

In the end what I hope to accomplish, is I have my openstack instance on virtual box, I create two more virtual baremetal nodes(in Virtual box) attach them to my openstack network and then have openstack provision those nodes as if they where real baremetal nodes.

I have used this link to get me started.

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