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2015-09-23 19:52:14 -0500 answered a question Container sync from Rackspace CloudFiles

Heard from Rackspace..

You can sync data to CloudFiles but you cannot sync data to CloudFiles.

2015-09-23 15:53:21 -0500 asked a question Container sync from Rackspace CloudFiles


I would like to sync my containers that are currently located on CloudFiles. I would like CloudFiles to be the source and push the updated containers to my private Swift cluster.

I have found the following article on how to push data to CloudFiles. (

  • I am looking for information on how to do the reverse.. pushing object from CloudFiles to my Swift cluster.
  • Also I am curious how often the syncing process is initiated on cloudfiles.

I have configured my cluster to accept the rackspace api url via container-server.conf.



and I have set the headers via the following script

container = pyrax_connection.cloudfiles.get_container(container_name)

log.debug('Got all the container.  About to check metadata on container_name {0}...'.format(container_name))

d = container.get_metadata()'Metadata...{0}'.format(d))

sync_host_header = d.get('x_container_sync_to')

log.debug('{0} has valid sync_host header? {1}'.format(
    sync_host_header and sync_host_header == sync_host))

set_header = True

if sync_host_header is not None:
    if sync_host in sync_host_header:
        set_header = False
if set_header:"Setting Sync headers on {0}.".format(container))

    sync_container_header = sync_host + container_name

        'X-Container-Sync-To': sync_container_header})
        'X-Container-Sync-Key': secret_key})'Verified container {0} have sync_host headers set to allow '
         'access from {1}.'.format(container_name, sync_host))

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks Greg

2015-09-23 07:34:56 -0500 answered a question tempurl with swift kilo using keystone

Sorry for the slow reply. Thanks so much for the help. The issue was related to a couple of things. The first is the documentation for Kilo is a little off compared to previous releases. (

The proxy server was not creating the accounts on the account server because kilo documentation did not specify to turn on account_management and autocreate_accounts. It just says to turn on account_autocreate = true. I had to turn on the account server logging to debug. I also had to recreate the rings in order for the SQLite databases to be created.

Also the documentation is off for the authtoken filter for ubuntu. It does not specify the admin uris and it has the following instead. Notice the 2 auth_uri entries.

auth_uri = http://controller:5000 auth_url = http://controller:35357 auth_plugin = password project_domain_id = default user_domain_id = default project_name = service username = swift password = SWIFT_PASS delay_auth_decision = true

Thanks G

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2015-09-07 00:16:14 -0500 asked a question tempurl with swift kilo using keystone


I am having trouble with tempurl on a working proxy. I am able to upload and download files via the python api. However I need to use tempurl for my solution.

For testing purposes, I have created the tempurl via

swift post -m "Temp-URL-Key:tempkey"

swift-temp-url GET 3600 '/v1/AUTH_demo/demo-container1/test_file.txt' tempkey

which returns the proper information.


However if copy and paste the url into a browser it returns

401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid

I have setup PyCharm and started remote debugging the code. It appears that the temp-url-key is not being retrieved from my environment. In fact, the get_account_info call in __get_keys does not return any metadata in the info dict. However swift stat shows the following:

 Meta Temp-Url-Key: tempkey

Attached is a link to a screen shot of my PyCharm debug session.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Greg