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2015-09-04 10:28:28 -0500 asked a question verify connectivity of external network: Openstack kilo

I'm following the instructions of OpenStack insallation guide for Ubuntu 14.04 - KILO

I've reach to chapter 6 and built the External and tenant Networks, when I tried to verify the connection to the external network gateway of the router from the host it timed out.

Note: I'm building the cloud in Hyper-v, where my controller, compute and Network are VMs in Hyper-v, I have a switch in hyper-v with NAT configuration, I could access the internet and I could connect the nodes from the host,

I gave the external network a range within the same network of the switch, and checked the router creation and the external network connected to the router and the gateway got the first IP address of the range I gave it [192.168.X.101 - 192.168.X.200] and I checked the br-ex been mapped to eth2 - which is connected to the NAT switch in hyper-v] in network node, and I permitted the promiscuous mode in each interface in the nodes [ifconfig ethX promisc]