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ah I see, I will follow your instruction and give it a try later today, will come back

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okay thanks, that is for fedora22, I am doing in Centos7

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Thanks, Now I am understanding openstack pack install bit better.

I am trying to achieve three node environment. Controller-computenode and network node Basically install keystone,horizon, ceilometer, heat and neutron on the controller node. neutron on netowrk ndoe and rest in compute node

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Thanks again dbaxps,

So what are the applications i have to install for the openstack controller with packinstall or I have to install separately ? I want to have one machine as controller and other one for node

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thanks for your answer dbaxps Couple of things : 1. I deployed packstack all in one in virgin HW with centosOS - perfect. 2. so , what is your recommendation ? i thought the compute nodes and controller are the same 2.1 The virgin harware which I have now for testing is brand new and quite powerful. 2.2 is it okay or good practice to have openstack and compute node in same machine ? 2.3 I have physical two interface, as you say enps3s0 and enps5s0, and wanted to configure enps5s0 interface to be used by all the virtual machine that will be created via openstack dashboard. 3. No, I did not mean to install openstack on already existing kvm (this will be my brand new setup) 4. I have two virgin hardware which I wanted to deploy openstack. 5. As for the storage (storing those VMs), i think it uses the same as KVM default location i.e /var/lib/libvirt/images ... so I can get the SANN chunk and mount on that directly.

Any guidance would be great on it.


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Newbie here .. Just installed openstack packstack allinone, all went really good and have a nice web interface. I just wanted to know what applications allinone has included. For example, i do not want to install nagios.

I have deployed KVM in my work with individual linux server. And I am familiar with KVM networking. So now the question is, I have two nodes identical hardware. each has two interface. I want to configure one of these interface i.e eth1 for the openstack virtual instances as I see allinone does actually using kvm.

so how do I deploy with minimum setup for openstack