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@coolsvap: Thanks for your proposal. I already checked this chapter :-( but it doesn't help me. So far I didn't find any additional description of the S3-emulation.

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Hi, thank you, however the practical implementation of S3 is the key question. One of my collegues said, that the authentication progress also based von SHA1 signatures. Can anybody acknowledge these thesis?

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Hi guys,

could you help me about some security based stuff? I have some questions about the authentication of the emulated S3-API (=Swift3?).

  • Where I can find some paperwork about the authentication procedures
    of the S3-API/swift3?

  • Does the emulated S3-API use the same cryptograhic algorithms like
    Amazon S3? => e.g. HMAC SHA1 to make a signature

  • Which cryptographic algorithms are feasible?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards Alexander N.