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2015-07-16 03:58:03 -0500 asked a question Setup CEPH as a backend for Glance

Attempted Configurations: Ubuntu 14.04, 14.04.2, 15.04 Openstack: Juno, Kilo CEPH: Firefly, Giant, CEPH

Overview When setting 'default_store = rbd' in '/etc/glance/glance-api.conf' the 'glance-api' service will crash. I have tried configuring Glance with and without authentication and can verify the 'images' pool is available and the CEPH Cluster is healthy.

I have been unable to get glance to work with CEPH with any of the above combinations of Ubuntu, Openstack, and CEPH. I have deployed a each of these CEPH versions with and without CEPHx authentication but continue to see glance-api service crash moments after starting.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, any requests for particular log files can be provided.

Thank you in advanced