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2013-08-01 04:58:05 -0600 answered a question nova-client: ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401)

Solved it: The admin user credentials also need to be put into /etc/nova/api-paste.ini.

In the example installation linked above, this looks like this:


But could someone please explain this to me: a) I have to set these credentials in the environment variables, but they are then overridden by the settings in that ini file? b) What are these mysterious paste-ini files good for anyway. They seem to often cover the same settings as the config files and co-exist with these, override these sometimes.... very confusing.

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2013-07-31 04:38:25 -0600 answered a question problem in keystone token-get

To answer at least some of your questions:

  • The IP addresses you have to put into your config files depend on your setup. But if you're running everything on the same host, you can put localhost or most of the time.
  • Accordingly, my mysql-connection line in keystone.conf reads connection = mysql://keystone:keystonePass@localhost/keystone
  • To exit vi and save the changes, hit ESC-w-q-ENTER in that sequence. If you don't like vi, you can use nano.
  • You can fill the environment variables such as OS_PASSWORD etc. as described here: However, keep in mind that these values depend on your individual setup. Where an IP-address is required, you can again put localhost if the services are all on the same machine. This might also fix your authentication error.
2013-07-31 04:20:22 -0600 commented answer nova-client: ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401)

Sound like you are referring to the scripted creation of identities in keystone as described here: I did that - but these credentials don't work for me. I am still confused which credentials I actually have to provide? The nova user? The admin user?

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2013-07-30 10:46:15 -0600 asked a question nova-client: ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401)


Calls to the nova-client (such as nova image-list) fail with

ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401).

Credentials are loaded to environment variables as described in this tutorial: - I followed these installation instructions so far.

I am confused, because calling glance image-list work just fine.

During the install I created several accounts/identities in keystone (e.g. admin, nova, glance, etc.) in different tenants. These credentials are used in various places (environment variables, config files and these ominous paste-ini files).

My question is: WHICH credentials do I have to use WHERE to fix this error?