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2015-09-29 04:53:47 -0600 commented answer Can I use Floating IP:Port?

What I mean is, can I use the FIP:10001 and will it be NAT'ed to PIP:10001 or will the packet just be dropped?

2015-09-29 04:05:05 -0600 asked a question Can I use Floating IP:Port?

Are Floating IP's port-mapped 1:1 with the private IP of the instance?

e.g. Does floating ip: map with private ip:

In other words, can I forward packets coming in on that floating ip port to a second instance using the 10001 port?

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2015-08-27 09:10:26 -0600 asked a question How to make available data on existing NetApp volumes in OpenStack

Is there a way to use already existing data in a NetApp volume (no OpenStack involved) as read-only data in an OpenStack instance through cinder? As when I created a cinder node with NetApp backend, it creates new empty cinder-volumes but can not use pre-existing data.

I do not want to duplicate the data, as I am speaking of terribly big amounts of data. A simple NFS mount to the NetApp volume, so without use of Cinder, isn't possible due to security reasons.

Use case: Bring external users (customers) into our internal OpenStack cloud (instance) where they can process the existing read-only data and write it back to a different volume (also internal).

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2015-07-14 11:03:15 -0600 asked a question NetApp plugin for Cinder - Vserver

Can someone explain in a bit more detail what is meant with this sentence in the config-reference guide for NetApp driver. Especially the part in bold.

netapp_vserver = None
(StrOpt) This option specifies the virtual storage server (Vserver) name on the storage cluster on which provisioning of block storage volumes should occur. If using the NFS storage protocol, this parameter is mandatory for storage service catalog support (utilized by Cinder volume type extra_specs support). If this option is specified, the exports belonging to the Vserver will only be used for provisioning in the future. Block storage volumes on exports not belonging to the Vserver specified by this option will continue to function normally.

Does this mean that the Vserver will be unavailable outside of the OpenStack environment?