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2013-09-13 22:13:48 -0500 asked a question Quantum, DNSMasq, and resolv.conf

We moved from a FlatDHCP system to a GRE/Quantum based system. Before, the VM's would get a DNS server controlled my dnsmasq, but then dnsmasq would forward the information to the set external DNS servers. In this scheme, each VM would have a resolvable hostname with the local dnsmasq server.

When we moved to Quantum, following the instructions on , it seems dnsmasq now passes the external DNS to the VMs, which of course does not have a resolvable address for the VMs, and the VM's hang on different functions with "unable to resolve <hostname>". The /etc/hosts file only has a "localhost" entry and /etc/resolv.conf has just the external DNS in this case being How do I get Quantum to use dnsmasq for a DNS server that manages VM names and IPs like in the flatDHCP method?</hostname>

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2013-08-01 13:32:54 -0500 asked a question Changing DNS

How does one change the DNS for a network created via nova-network / FlatDHCP without deleting the network (impossible with 20+ VMs)?

Thanks, JMS