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2015-07-03 06:43:27 -0600 answered a question openstack Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin

It may be a problem with your file. For openstack kilo this file worked for me :-

export OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID=default

export OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID=default

export OS_PROJECT_NAME=admin

export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin

export OS_USERNAME=admin

export OS_PASSWORD=password

export OS_AUTH_URL=http://ironicsetup:35357/v2.0/


The problem was because according to openstack kilo documentation OS_AUTH_URL=http://ironicsetup:35357/v3 but when I changed it to http://ironicsetup:35357/v2.0/ . The error got removed

2015-07-03 01:05:37 -0600 answered a question neutron-openvswitch-agent not starting up on compute node

In case neutron-openvswitch-agent not starting up on compute node and other neutron agents are working on controller node then it may be the case that your tunnel bridge is not there on compute node for networking. Check using :-

$ ovs-vsctl show

and there should be br-tun present to communicate. If its not there then check the reason for it.

Also if you are using SRIOV concept on your compute node then assign the tunnel bridge to the interface using SRIOV concept means interface having dynamic vnic's under it. Which can be done using following commands :-

  2. vim /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini
  3. add in ovs section :- [ovs] local_ip = ETHERNET-INTERFACE-IP-ADDRESS
2015-05-28 11:17:27 -0600 asked a question In stance launched using SRIOV port going in ERROR state and no useful log found

I tried to launch an instance using creating ports in direct mode of SRIOV . And the plugin is going to ERROR state. There are no useful logs found describing the error except n-cond.log stating :-

NoValidHost: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.

Also I am able to launch an instance without using SRIOV successfully.