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$ nova reset-state ID
$ nova delete ID
2014-02-03 04:31:43 -0500 asked a question Does glance-replicator work ?

I'm trying to use glance replicator to replicate images from site to another the two sites are using RDO Havana all in one, I followed this guide
after I got the tokens from site1 and site2 when I execute this command

glance-replicator -v livecopy -M $PRIMARY_AUTH_TOKEN -S $SECONDARY_AUTH_TOKEN

it gives me : replication_livecopy livecopy <fromserver:port> <toserver:port>

Load the contents of one glance instance into another.

fromserver:port: the location of the master glance instance.
toserver:port:   the location of the slave glance instance.

ERROR: Bad format of the given arguments.
2014-01-27 05:24:54 -0500 asked a question How to filter Servers list by metadata value using python-novaclient?

I'm trying to filter the servers list by metadata value that is already set to all running instances. this is all servers :

[<server: admin="">, <server: t3="">, <server: t2="">] and all of them have these meta values [{u'dr': u'0'}, {u'dr': u'1'}, {u'dr': u'1'}]

is it possible to filter if 'dr' = 1 only I've tried to send search_opts to list() function like this:

        search_opts = {'dr':'1'}
        new_list = obj.nova.servers.list(search_opts)
        print new_list

but it gives me all servers it should return <server: t3="">, <server: t2=""> only.

python-novaclient list()

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2013-12-17 17:41:54 -0500 asked a question What options are there for billing systems?

Hi, Simple "billing system easy to install" to integrate it with Havana?