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2015-09-25 08:51:29 -0600 commented answer Metadata request timed out issue on Icehouse

Confirming that we ran into this same problem and this solution worked fine.

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2015-06-26 01:22:37 -0600 asked a question Possible to change key_name on a already booted instance?

I inherited an OpenStack environment that included several already running VM's that I do not possess the SSH keys to get into. I'd like to change the key_name that's associated to these but haven't figured out if that's entirely possible or how to do it.

The output of nova show <vm UUID>shows an attribute called key_name, that's already set to another user's SSH key. Can I can change this to mine? I'm assuming I'd need to change the user_id as well that's associated with the instance, but again, wasn't sure how to do this. Looking at the commands associated to nova I did not see any that appeared to let me do this.

$ nova show 937f7b60-9cd7-48ff-9a33-4c22c6f0f2da | grep key_name
| key_name                             | user123_key                                  |
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2015-06-07 20:08:40 -0600 commented answer Best way to incorporate multiple SSH key pairs into VM's?

Can you elaborate on this a bit more? I'm not quite following what you're suggesting.

2015-06-07 20:06:52 -0600 commented answer Best way to incorporate multiple SSH key pairs into VM's?

What about for VM's that are being created by user's other than me?

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2015-06-07 14:14:10 -0600 asked a question Best way to incorporate multiple SSH key pairs into VM's?

I'm familiar with the ability to add an SSH key under a user's Access & Security section of the Horizon dashboard, but I'm looking for an alternative method which would allow me as the administrator of all the VM's within an OpenStack environment to be able to include my SSH pub key in addition to any others that user's will include into VM's that spin up within the various tenants/projects.

Ideally this method would allow me to have my key included from my Access & Security settings as well as part of the cloud-init when the VM's are created.

Right now we have a SSH pub key that's essentially baked into the Glance images that are used, but I don't like that method and was looking for alternatives that are easier to maintain and more flexible. I should also note that all our VMs are provisioned with random root passwords, and setting it to a known password isn't something we're interested in doing either.

Interesting leads

  • ([Libguestfs] [PATCH] customize: Add --ssh-inject option for injecting SSH keys.)
  • (Add keypair to existing Instance using guestfish to mod VHD img file)
2015-06-05 16:01:30 -0600 commented question Cannot SSH to Docker Instance on Kilo

What is the routing table like inside the docker container? Also it's ip a l? My experience docker containers have their own IP addresses and are on their own private docker0 private net.

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2015-05-21 21:06:07 -0600 commented question DHCP no tworking because of bad "udp checksum"

Can you repost your config files? Pastebin has removed them.

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2015-05-19 23:18:31 -0600 asked a question Cannot traceroute from VM1 to VM2, but can traceroute to external IP?

I've inherited an icehouse setup and have noticed slow network access when I've been copying files to/from various VMs, while other VMs (same & different tenants) seem uneffected. To try and debug the issue I've been running commands such as traceroute on the affected VMs to try and diagnose.

Inside a slow VM

Traceroute internal IP

$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1  * * *
 2  * * *
 3  * * *
 4  * * *
 5  * * *
 6  * * *
 7  * * *
 8  * * *
 9  * * *
10  * * *
11  * *^C

Traceroute external IP

$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (  1.286 ms  1.252 ms  1.226 ms
 2 (  2.506 ms  2.230 ms  1.732 ms
 3 (  1.720 ms  1.712 ms  1.691 ms
18 (  81.912 ms (  70.501 ms (  74.536 ms
19 (  70.647 ms (  70.931 ms (  70.417 ms
20 (  70.325 ms  76.032 ms  85.983 ms


$ ip route dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev eth0  scope link  metric 1002
default via dev eth0  proto static

Downloading a 10MB file from the internet

$ wget -O /dev/null
--2015-05-20 02:24:16--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 11536384 (11M) [application/zip]
Saving to: “/dev/null”

100%[===============================================================================================================================================================>] 11,536,384  3.15M/s   in 4.5s

2015-05-20 02:24:21 (2.46 MB/s) - “/dev/null” saved [11536384/11536384]

Copying 50MB file from VM1 to VM2 (same subnet)

$ scp file.dat
file.dat                                               4% 2112KB 909.2KB/s - stalled -^C
file.dat                                               4% 2208KB 827.8KB/s   00:59 ETA
$ Killed by signal 2.

NOTE: I used Control+C to stop the above scp. It was stalling out and taking a long time to complete. These copies typically start out at around 1.5MB-2MB/s but then dwindle down as they continue and bounce around 30-50KB/s.

On other VMs where do not exhibit this problem, a scp of a 50MB file is typically almost instantaneous.


  • As I understand our setup, we're using GRE tunnels with Open vSwitch
  • The nodes are a mix of CentOS 6.4 & 7.0 ...
2015-05-15 09:57:53 -0600 commented answer how do I disable a nova compute node?

The maintenance approach doesn't work with KVM hypervisors, only XEN.

2015-03-19 10:31:28 -0600 commented answer How to nova boot an instance with a specific admin_pass ?

I too am getting that same error when trying this command on icehouse.

2015-03-18 10:41:55 -0600 commented answer Neutron DHCP adding DNS

In the dashboard (Icehouse) it's under the Networks -> Subnet's section, when you edit a specific subnet it's under the Subnet Detail tab of the Edit dialog.

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