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Opendaylight API not returning routers


I'm working on a ODL integration with Openstack. After configuring openstack, I create a network and confirm that it is correctly created. Querying ODL It returns the network details:

  curl -u admin:admin
   "networks" : [ {
      "id" : "12112860-d04e-44e4-b5d1-727989a45e4a",
      "tenant_id" : "1ae7a1d4d54c40b5abcaaa8fc8389fe3",
      "name" : "private_network",
      "admin_state_up" : true,
      "shared" : false,
      "router:external" : false,
      "provider:network_type" : "vxlan",
      "provider:segmentation_id" : "92",
      "status" : "ACTIVE",
      "segments" : [ ]
   } ]

Next I create a router in Openstack and add an interface from the network. When I query ODL it doesn't return anything:

 curl -u admin:admin
   "routers" : [ ]

Is this expected behavior, or does it indicate a problem with the ODL / Openstack setup.