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Nova migration issue NOT SSH


i currently configure migration in nova and came across a strange issue. First, i want migration without the use of ssh but via qemu+tcp. So i configured nova.conf and libvirtd.conf accordingly. For 'live' migration it all works fine. With 'live' i mean using the clis (nova or openstack) and provide a destination host for the migration (e.g. nova live-migration <server-id> <host> or openstack server migrate --live <host> <server-id>). Doing so i could migrate every instance from everywhere to everywhere in my cloud setup.

But as soon as i try to migrate without explicitely defining a destination host (e.g nova migrate <server-id>), nova falls back to ssh based migration, which fails cause of missing keys. This also happens on server resize, if the resize is not performed locally, allow_resize_to_same_host = True is set but this does not enforce local resize just allows it. Again, i do not want to distribute ssh keys, i want 'pure' qemu+tcp, later qemu+tsl based migration. Is this even possible for destination-less migration (destination host choosen by the scheduler) and if so, how to configure this?

Btw: i am only using shared storages CEPH/ISCSI no ephemeral storage.

Thy Stefan