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problem of using oslo_messaging batch_notification_listener with executor 'evenlet'.

I am using oslo_messaging to test the batch_notification_listener, I write the simple endpoint.

class Test(object):
   def info(self, messages):
        for i in messages:
            print i

and simple get_server :

listener = oslo_messaging.get_batch_notification_listener(
    transport, targets, endpoints,
    executor='eventlet )'

I tried several times, when I change the executor to 'blocking' and 'threading' it works fine. but why it is not worked, when I changed it to 'eventlet'. and there is no log, just blocking.

anyone saw the same problem, is it a bug ? I am not sure.

I also have some other code questions, such as, why ceilometer-collector does not use oslo_batch_notification service with ''threading' executor or 'eventlet' executor. I dont know where to ask these questions, on IRC ? it seems no people reply these kind of question. is there some good place to ask these questions? I dont know if I can report some not sure question on launchpad, I think it is better not, since it is only for bugs. I ask these question here for try. :)