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Is it possible to set up multiple floating ranges using Mirantis Fuel?

We have some resources we'll be deploying Openstack to using Mirantis Fuel. We'd like this resource pool to be usable by staff and students alike. We'd like staff to be able to provision publicly accessable IP addresses (131.x.x.x/24), whereas students should only be able to assign internally accessible addresses (10.x.x.x/24).

Horizon et al should run on the 131 range.

Through Fuel, I can only assign a single floating range, and it must be within the public CIDR, so I can't seem to add both 131. and 10. so I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Is this possible (and how)? Have I missed something (what have I missed)? Am I going about this in the wrong way (what's the right way)?