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Mirantis fuel 9.0, change of domain name after fuel master node deployment.


At time of deploying fuel 9.0, domain name is not changed to open.tld using fuel menu(Default is domain.tld).

Fuel master node is deployed, before deployment of openstack components on fuel-slave nodes. Wish to change domain name(i.e domain.tld to something looks like open.tld).

changes are done manually to /etc/fuel/astute.yaml as mentioned below

"DNS_DOMAIN": "domain.tld" "DNS_SEARCH": "domain.tld"


"DNS_DOMAIN": "open.tld" "DNS_SEARCH": "open.tld"

Those changes are not reflected on the created controllers and computes, but it defaults to node-1.domain.tld and node-2.domain.tld.

Is any way to make change domain name after fuel master node deployed????

Please let use know if any possibilities..

Looking forward for reply.

Regards, Anil