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Understanding Section 6 of RHOSP 9 Mitaka

I am trying to configure a stack using RHOSP. This is using tripleo and I am installing I trying to understand the networking examples. Documentation says I need to define a DNS server and the example shows Well, the provisioning network (which is isolated) would not have that. So, first question would be do I need to define my own DNS? We don't typically use a DNS on our lab networks.

Basically, my network is this: 1) Provisioning network: default: eth0 and per the example for PXE/Deployment a. Do I need to create vlans on my network for this to work? I will find out. Easily added or moved. 2) I am OK with overlaying this with the other networks (Storage, Management, etc) 3) Bond for external network between nic2 and nic5. (HP C7K thing)