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Multiples Network VLAN and Bonding NIC

Hello Guys

I have little experience in openstack and need to know who I can do the following:

I have 1 Router for Internet and is connected to FW and post FW to cisco Switch

-------------- --------------- | Router | ---FW---> | Switch | -------------- ---------------

The switch Core have 5 VLAN in Layer 3 for communication between departments and the department have switch Layer 2. Now a Desktop when running ping from VLAN RRHH to TI, the desktop of TI response without problems.

VLAN 10 = External Access FW (NAT - 192.168.100.x /24) VLAN 20 = RRHH (10.10.10.x/24) VLAN 21 = TI (10.20.20.x/24) VLAN 22 = Support (10.30.30.x /24) VLAN 23 = Sales (10.40.40.x /24) VLAN 24 = Finance (10.50.50.x /24)

Today I install openstack on multinodes and the eth0 and eth1 are a bonding to Cisco Switch for External Network, eth2 and eth3 for Management Network (VLAN 200) and eth4 with eth5 Static hosts (VLAN300).

The nodes are: Node 1= Controller Node 2= Block Storage Node 3= Network Node Node 4 = Compute Node

I need to know if is possible have multiples network with vlan in OpenStack and create instances of VM with distint VLAN.

I read is possible setup of l3 in network node, but I do not understand who I need setting the host of openstack.

My question is if exist a guide of setup multiples network because I search in Internet but They are very little explanatory.

Thanks for your help.