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Neutron Floodlight

I have installed Controller on Ubuntu12.04 and Compute on Ubuntu12.04

I have installed Floodlight+Neutron on the Controller. I have not used devstack. I am using Bigswitch Restproxy. So I have disabled the neutron-l3-agent.

I am facing the below issues. 1) I am not able to ssh to the VM instances. Normally i associate a Floating IP and ssh to it passwordless using key. It is not possible to do it

2)Should the neutron-plugin-openvswitch agent be installed on the Controller and The Compute?

3) The Nova compute has only the nova-compute installed. Should we configure the br-int to point to the Floodlight Controller on the Compute node 4) The IP address of the VM instance is sometimes not shown during boot up. Currently i have removed the iptables and then the IP Address is shown, but the VM instance is not pinging.

Please help