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Requirements to install Mirantis Openstack using Fuel.

We are trying to setup an openstack environment using Mirantis for testing.

The setup configuration options we have are. 1. A local machine with 3 virtualbox instances running (as mentioned in your website link) 2. 3 local machines acting as Controller node, Network node and Compute node respectively (something similar to the setup proposed by link)

When we were trying the installation using the virtualbox method. We followed steps: Choose a local machine with 8G RAM, Intel 2nd generation i3 processor, ubuntu 14.04 Installed Oracle Virtualbox 4.2.x Downloaded Mirantis iso file, Virtualbox scripts. Copied iso file to iso directory in the script directory. Run the script.(failed) became unresponsive with the message "Pre-installation script running" Can you identify what could be wrong in the installation process? Do we need a machine with better configuration? Can you suggest a preferred configuration?

Preferred Installation configuration:

We prefer to have a Mirantis installation with 3 separate physical machines. But your website does not provide documentation for such an installation. Could you give some ideas for setting up Mirantis Openstack in such a way.

Hope to hear you soon.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.