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Is it possible to install OpenStack over esxi hardware without usng Vsphere

Hi. As many here - I am total newbie to OpenStack(while have some experience with commercial (AWS) cloud, Virtual box Vagrant and so on) What I am trying to figure out is - can we migrate part of our ESX clusters to OpenStack... Main reasons :

  1. switch to DevOps work mode (automatic deployment of Vms by developers without involvement of IT)
  2. Cut expanses (VMware licences for Vsphere and other commercial components)

So - question is - if it is feasible. I suppose DevOps mode with OpenStack + Vsphere integration is feasible , but it means - we will have to continue to pay for VmWare licences... What I can not understand - is it feasible to run OpenStack on ESX hardware without Vsphere - basing only of free esxi component on "backhand" of OpenStack?