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Mitaka Nova Create VM failed caused by get glance image failed

Hi, everyone. I have encountered a situation which is a little bit different from the questions on the board.

I installed Mitaka on three physical server

Controller Node (internal network)

Network Node

Compute1 Node

I have already install keystone,glance,nova,network, and horizon. All the service are running well now. The image created and uploaded to glance well, sub-net create well. I can list my image by using nova or glance api well. But, I got error when I want to boot my VM by nova-client.

  • list the image using nova and glance api

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  • boot the VM by nova-client

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  • openstack server show test13

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Below is the log info


/var/log/glance/ registry.log

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openstack endpoint

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nova-compute.log (I got lots of error here)


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any idea? Thx very much! Sorry for the inconvenience of the present of the picture.