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Installing Openstack Mitaka RDO On CentOS 7 server with a public through SSH only!

Hello, I tried to install Openstack following the steps on RDO And I got it installed without any errors but I can not access the dashboard!

I am testing Open stack on my dedicated server with dual E-5 processor and 32GB of RAM and 480GB SSD drive but what happened that when the installation Was finished it looks like it’s using as host and as main IP not my Real IP so when I try to access the dashboard through http://MyIP/dashboard I get 404 page not found error!

I am accessing the server remotely through SSH only.

The server has a publice IP and I've edited the ifcfg for my network interface And made sure that the server's IP is set correctly, also I did set BOOTPROTO=”static”

The only that I can see in my ifcfg file is DNS1= What do I need to change to not get this :

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Pleases help me fix this Thanks