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error on command " neutron ext-list "

Dear All,

I need your support as I'm in the last step of establishing core service of OpenStack Mikata and while entering verification command " # neutron ext-list " it give me the below error : ( unexpected exception for http:controller:9696/v2.0/extensions.json: failed to parse: http:controller:9696 )

I think the problem here is ( http:controller ) as it's without ( //) but in all my files I made sure that the URL is right and I think the problem when creating the endpoint as I created it twice without // then with // without deleting the wrong one.

openstack endpoint delete <endping_id>

The problem here that I can't get endpoint id

as by writing command " # keystone user-list " or " # keystone debug user-list " or " # keystone endpoint-list " it give me a long error

so please kindly advise as it'll be very hard to reinstall everything :(