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Problem creating flat network: "Unknown provider:physical_network physnet1"

I'm trying to create a very simple home lab setup using a /26 block of my existing network. My current understanding is I want a "flat, no dhcp" setup. Towards that end, I've added the following to ovs_neutron_plugin.ini :

network_vlan_ranges = physnet1

When I try to create the network, I get the following error:

[root@uberwald neutron(keystone_admin)]# neutron net-create home-network --provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network physnet1

400-{u'NeutronError': {u'message': u'Invalid input for operation: Unknown provider:physical_network physnet1.', u'type': u'InvalidInput', u'detail': u''}}

What else do I need to do to create physnet1 for use w/ this command?