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ERROR reading HTTP response from

Hi everyone,

some day before i started having errors in my storage nodes about timeouts. More specifically i'm getting two types of errors when upload/download files. I'm using two storage nodes with 36 disks of 4TB each.

In a test upload of 50GB of files i've seen those errors all the times.

container-replicator[1806]: ERROR reading HTTP response from {'index': 1, 'replication_port': 6001, 'weight': 100.0, 'zone': 1, 'ip': '', 'region': 1, 'id': 10, 'replic

object-server[2270]: ERROR container update failed with (saving for async update later): ConnectionTimeout (0....0577e3d84)

I tried configuring rsync.conf and increased the max connections in order to rule out the case that i use the same network interface for upload/download and rsync between my two storage nodes

It would be really helpful if someone could point me to any direction.

Thanks in advance