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HA cloud with storage on 2 'micro cloud' chassis?

So, I asked this question elsewhere, but the only answers I'm was getting was to use a different platforms other then OpenStack/CloudStack so Im going to ask it here.

I have 2x Supermicro 5038ML-H8TRF micro clouds's (8 independent hot swappable servers in a 3u chassis).

I want to setup a HA private cloud. Basically each chassis will have 1 Management & 3 VM servers.

My questions are: -Can I use a server in each chassis as the storage server, and still have HA storage (vs using actual SAN hardware)? -This private cloud is for a Windows web application with MS SQL. Any issues with having SQL running as a VM and still having proper HA failover? -Anything else I'm forgetting or overlooking?