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Horizon access and security tab takes long time to load

Hi everyone,

recently I have installed the Horizon Mitaka release. When I have logged in and tried to access the access and security dashboard it took almost 5 minutes to load. After that i have installed the Liberty release and the same problems appeared again.

So I have checked with even older releases, like Icehouse and Juno and with those two releases the access and security dashboard loads in 15 seconds which is fine.

After digging deeper I found out that the delay is related to API Access tab which is part of the access and security dashboard. When I remove it from the dasboard it loads in 15 second, with it in the dashboard it takes about 5 minutes.

Has anybody experienced the same issue, and is there a way to enable API Access tab and still maintain loading time at approximately 15 seconds?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Is there a way to report the bug to the openstack development team?