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Snapshot problem - 0 byte and dosen't exists


I installed first time openstack mitaka. I used Openstack for Centos7 guide and deploy it with ceph (glance and nova uses ceph) and provider network. VMs works good but I have problem with snapshots.

When I create snapshot, create ends success, but image reports as 0 bytes and it's not usable.

Additional information:

  • Dashboard and glance show image of snapshot
  • I search snapshot in /var/lib/nova/instances/ but it's empty
  • Nothing information in nova-compute.log even when I switch to debug=true

Can anyone help me?

Additional info:

  • When I create snapshot, it's reside in voume snapshots, and I can boot from it and create volume from this snapshot
  • When I want rebuild or create new instance based on image snapshot, it's fails.

Best regards.