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Connectivity between instances running in diferents computes nodes


I'm mananing a Juno Openstack cloud... Yes, I know: I should upgrade to Mitaka, but because of all computes act as students computers, I can't "touch" anything... So, by the moment, Juno will be my version...

My scenario is: One server that acts as controller and network node, with 3 nics: one for management, one for VM-data and one for "external" (with no IP address configured). In my Lab, all machines have public IP, so management nic has configured a public IP 20 computes that act as computes nodes, with 2 nics: one for management (and, like in controller, with one public IP) and one for VM-data

Configuration files (in server and computes) are, always, using public IPs (eth1) and only in ml2_conf.ini (in neutron plugins) I have configured "local_ip=private_IP_value" for openvswitch

With this configuration, when I launch "n" instances and they are running in more than one computer, there are no connectivity between instances running in different computes. However, in instances running in the same compute I can ping each other... All instances get a valid IP from my configured private network (I can see them at dashboard), but I run a VNC console, I can check the problem with connectivity

What can I do? How can I debug this problem?

Thanks, thanks a lot!!! I need this help :( :( :(