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mirantis 8.0 fuel master node change ip

I have a ESX environment that we are wanting to deploy Fuel into, specifically Mirantis 8.0. I've deployed the VM and I need to change the IP address of the master node with the intent of being able to scale this across multiple data center. For the life of me and my (moderate) Googling skills I've come to a road block. I can run fuelmenu without issue and can reach the Internet via the renumbered eth0 (now a 10.230.x.2 where x is DC number) with default gateway of .1. I found bug 1303678 which says to drop the postgres DB but I have failed at finding explicit instructions on exactly which DB needs to be pruned or how to do it. bootstrap_admin_node runs without issue, bunches of Puppet and other automation code executes without obvious error. Docker starts however none of the containers start. I'm hoping to get input on what configuration items need to be manually massaged, etc. to get this functional. Please don't be like IBM and say without context or reference that "Its in the Red Book" which is only 980 pages long.