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Error integrating ceph and keystone

I am trying to integrate radosgw and keystone. Seems like it is not working.

The following is my configuration:

[client.rgw.controller1] host = controller1 rgw keystone url = rgw keystone admin token = 6910b33c071d0ca8094d rgw keystone accepted roles = Member, admin, swiftoperator rgw keystone token cache size = 5000 rgw keystone revocation interval = 5000 rgw keystone make new tenants = true rgw s3 auth use keystone = true rgw nss db path = /var/ceph/nss admin socket = /var/run/ceph/ceph-client.rgw.controller1.asok rgw socket path = "" rgw_frontends = "civetweb port=7480" debug rgw = 20

keyring = /etc/ceph/client.rgw.controller1.keyring

I get the following in the radosgw logs

=========== garbage collection: start request returned {"error": {"message": "You are not authorized to perform the requested action: identity:revocation_list", "code": 403, "title": "Forbidden"}} revoked tokens response is missing signed section

ERROR: keystone revocation processing returned error r=-22

Can anyone help me regarding this?? Thanks in advance!