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Unable to connect to keystone database

Hello. I'm trying to install & configure keystone on openSUSE 42.1 like described in the official docs. When I run: sudo /bin/sh -c "keystone-manage db_sync" keystone

I get this:

Option "verbose" from group "DEFAULT" is deprecated for removal.  Its value may be silently ignored in the future.
2016-06-14 18:33:11.660 27213 WARNING oslo_db.sqlalchemy.engines [-] SQL connection failed. 10 attempts left.

Thats what I changed in the /etc/keystone/keystone.conf

admin_token = ... # from openssl rand -hex 10`

connection = mysql+pymysql://keystone:PASSWORD@controller/keystone

provider = fernet

And my /etc/my.cnf.d/openstack.cnf file

bind-address =
default-storage-engine = innodb
collation-server = utf8_general_ci
character-set-server = utf8

Can someone help me to get the keystone database running?