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How to create network configuration for Openstack Mitaka

 Hi All,

 Currently I have installed Openstack Mitaka on CentOS7.2 with one Controller & one Compute node & both of them are Virtual Machine.some how i have mis-configured the network part i feel.  My internal network is & external network in The does not exist anywhere in my local network in office & this is the new network i have created for as Private-Net for assigning IP address to Virtual Machines. My Public-net is exists in my office network). My Controller  & compute nodes are also on network & these two controller & compute nodes are virtual machine with high end configuration. Now the Problem is when i am creating VM & assigning floating IP with 10.4.7.XX series i some how can not connect to Virtual machines from outside the network with floating IP. I can ping the floating IP but can not SSH. to test whether my networking is correct or not, i reconfigured my network to flat network & then i was able to connect to my newly created VM's(Flat network didn't had Floating IP address) directly from my PC/Laptop.

    Now can please let me know where should i check & what to check so that my VM's can be accessible from outside with floating IP address. I have been struggling with this since last 15-20 days. any help is really appreciated