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Importing Cinder Block Device On NFS To Other OpenStack node

Hello Team,

I have an Openstack Node , where I am provisioning block device to Instances via NFS share. So, on the NFS share it looks like a block device created by cinder is in the form of a file. Now, I have one more openstack node , where I am sharing the same NFS share via Cinder. What I am trying to find out is, if the same file on the NFS share, that is acting as block device to instance on one openstack node, can it imported as a block device on the other openstack node. Ofcourse, I shall be detaching it from instances on first openstack node. This is like an use to for DR, where I can spun up a new VM on the other node and import the file to get the data back.

                     Are any  other solution for this kind of use case.

Thanks in Advance.