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Any reason why no traffic can get from br-int to br-ex?

So we just switched from standard routing linux bridge based Mitaka to DVR with OVS based Mitaka and we are having some issues with communication...

First off, I thought vm's connected directly to a linux bridge (for security filtering) vs directly to the ovs bridge br-int... Yet the tap interface of a vm directly connects to said br-int... Is that right?

Secondly, I had to create the br-ex manually... Why is that require manual intervention? I guess I just figured that would have been done automatically by Openstack?

Lastly, after creating a DVR router and starting up an instance, I can see traffic flowing from said instance and getting all the way to the local SNAT namespace where it stops. After looking into it further, no traffic seems to be flowing across the patch link between br-int and br-ex... I did some mirroring to confirm and sure enough, nothing... Also when i do a ovs-appctl fdb/show br-int as well as br-ex I don't see any mac's for the link between those two... Any ideas why this might be?

Really appreciate any help!