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Mirantis 8.0 - cannot create any instances

Hi, I installed Mirantis 8.0 using the VirtualBox scripts. The host machine is Ubuntu 14.04 - 32GB ram. I tweaked the script to create 10 VirtualBox VMs each having 2.5 GB ram. Installation of MMirantis 8.0 went OK. I configured an Openstack environment - with pretty uch all default settings on 5 out of my 10 available nodes: 1 controller, 3 compute+storage nodes and 1 ceilometer node. Configuration of this also seems to be succesful, however I cannot create any instances at all - it always fails to spawn the instance with an exception (max retries exceeded) in the Nova script. All attempts use the Horizon UI and the testVM image. No clue why this is so, so any help is appreciated. I had good experiences with Mirantis 6.0, but this is starting to throw me off. Kind regards, Bart