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Mirantis 7.0 Network Verification Issue

I'm installing Mirantis 7.0 on Virtual Box with three VMs: one master and two slaves. The installation proceeds well. Then I go into Fuel and assign one slave to the Controller plus MongoDB for Ceilometer, which I want to trial. The other slave is the Compute node.

When I go to verify networks, the process blows up, with an error message directing to consult the Astute log. The Astute Log contains the following error message several times (these are the only error messages contained in the Log for the Network Verification process):

 TCP connection to AMQP failed; could not establish TCP connection to

I also checked the rabbitmq.log and found these errors: Error: Could not start Service [Rabbitmq-server]. Execution of '/abin/service 'rabbitmq-server start' returned 1.

This is a 16GB Windows 10 machine.

I sense the problem may be related to Nailgun. The Astute Log refers to Usser daily, which is also the Railgun password.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Jack Carpenter