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No floating IP addresses available

Hi All,

I'm using the Mitaka OpenStack on an all-in-one setup. When I try to associate a floating IP, it doesn't find one. I know there should be some available, as this shows me there are only 2 in use:

[root@openstack test-grant(keystone_admin)]# neutron floatingip-list +--------------------------------------+------------------+---------------------+--------------------------------------+ | id | fixed_ip_address | floating_ip_address | port_id | +--------------------------------------+------------------+---------------------+--------------------------------------+ | 39d24eef-9743-4c70-870f-2cc43936e848 | | | ccf8d872-c518-47db-93f8-ead841f6d9c9 | | 66b2e3e9-20cc-4cea-81ae-184554b5bc15 | | | 7c640741-0111-495c-9945-aee88649fc6c | +--------------------------------------+------------------+---------------------+--------------------------------------+ [root@openstack test-grant(keystone_admin)]#

When I created the floating IP range, I assigned So why aren't the other IPs showing up? I had created some other instances that had floating IPs, but have since deleted them, so I thought OpenStack would release them.

Please advise. Thanks.