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Mirantis Fuel 7: Controller Node Fails to Install Under XenServer 6.5 SP1

We have been trying to trial out Mirantis OpenStack for the past several days now however, while Fuel and the Compute node install successfully under Citrix XenServer 6.5 SP1 (6.5.1), Mirantis Fuel 7 (with the XenServer plugin) cannot seem to install the controller node reporting the following error:

ERR kernel: vbd vbd-5696: 19 xenbus_dev_probe on device/vbd/5696

From my understanding, this relates to access to dom0 or para-virtualization since Mirantis is operating under XenServer. However, everything I read so far has said that the Xen options need to be enabled within the OS itself which is quite difficult to do if you can't even login to the controller node let a lone get it to install properly.

Since this is using the Citrix plugin, Mirantis Fuel is version 7.0 (with the latest updates).

Both the compute and fuel installed without issue but naturally, you cannot use compute without the controller.

What is the best possible way to rectify this?

Special Considerations: Even though Mirantis is operating under XenServer, there is no "Xen" virtualization option available and it defaulted to QEMU. Perhaps I misread the documentation but it does say that it requires the Xen hypervisor and I do believe this to be a part of the issue.