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Neutron networking for compute node(s).


Let's assume that I have the following setup for my test OpenStack:

  • - Public Network (used for floating IPs) Gateway is
  • - Management Network (and everything else really) Gateway is

Now I currently have two nodes as such:

Controller Node

  • eth0:
  • eth1 (br-ex):

Compute Node:

  • eth0:
  • eth1: ??

My question to you is, do I need to configure eth1 on the Compute Node as a bridge similar to br-ex on the Controller Node? Do I even need the Compute Node to be connected to the Public Network or can it pass the networking traffic over the Management Network? What is the best practice here as I cannot seem to wrap my head around this? The goal here is to begin to segregate the network traffic for performance and security reasons. Any advice?