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Individual instances?

Hi All,

I am working in a OpenStack enviroument with 10 nodes + 1 controller (everything on this node, on the other ones only the compute service).

I used the RDO installation process: to configure the environment, everything is working as expected.

Now, I've integrated the Keystone (Identity) on the AD, so I can connect on the OpenStack using my Active Directory credentials.

From now, the idea is allow the users (around 20) access this environment and create the VM's by themselves. Here start my question =).

Is there a way to avoid a user see or manager the Instance of other users? We can work with only one project, sharing resources, but I can not allow a user manage an instance of another user (in fact, i want to avoid the user see the instance of other users).

If it does not work, is there a way to create automatically projects on the first login of the user? I was thinking in set up a project "template" that could be used on this it possible?

Thank you.