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Two questions about dashboard and keystone

Recently,I am analyzing the flow between dashbaord and keystone when logging in.Through catching messages by tcpdump on port 5000 and 35357 and checking keystone.log,I found some questions.

1) When I login with admin user,dashboard will sent auth messages to keystone with username and password to create unscope token,and then use this unscope token and tenantid to get a scope token. But dashboard did the second step twice(The requests are all same. ),that means dashboard got two scope tokens,but only one of them will be used in the followed steps. So why did dashboard get two scope tokens?

2) From messages I catched,I found dashboard use "GET /v2.0/tokens" three times,but the X-Auth-Token in these three messages are not the same. They are tokens for nova,cinder and quantum user.But in messages and in keystone.log I could not find when keystone create these tokens for the three users. That is why?