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Mirantis Fuel - First time installing. cobbler failed to start

So this is my first time attempting to install Fuel (and first time playing with OpenStack for that matter.)

I'm running into issues during the installation of the fuel server. As directed by the installer, I can scan through the /var/log/puppet/bootstrap_admin_node.log file and it appears to be an issue with the cobbler installation.

Notice: /Stage[main]/Docker/Exec[build docker containers]/returns: ERROR: cobbler failed to start. ERROR: cobbler failed to start.

This is an installation on an HP blade server, so I've tried two different blades with the same failure in the same location...

Anyone have any insight? As I've said, I'm completely new to this. I'd really like to have my installation use Fuel, but I may just have to press on without it...

Thanks, AndyB