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fractal application: unicode argument without an encoding


When I attempt to generate fractal images with a deployment that includes the services instance, the faafo-api error log reports that a unicode argument is given without an encoding.

The images are generated fine with the controller-worker deployment.

This has occurred with both the programmatic way and with the Heat template.

2016-02-12 16:25:45.317 8214 ERROR faafo.api StatementError: (exceptions.TypeError) unicode argument without an encoding [SQL: u'UPDATE fractal SET checksum=%(checksum)s, duration=%(duration)s, size=%(size)s, image=%(image)s, generated_by=%(generated_by)s WHERE fractal.uuid = %(fractal_uuid)s'] [parameters: [{'duration': 3.7073659896850586, 'checksum': u'2492d42555f473fa56ad5bf1248cdad97e7423735c355cd857ad32325385949e', 'image': ...